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Who We Are


DoublEagle Management Group


We are a Silicon Valley consulting firm in the business of helping high-tech businesses grow and excel. 

We help organizations increase value through improved strategic processes, communications, alliances and execution.  All of which adds up to a well-running customer lifecycle process. We work with high-tech firms of all sizes -- from large enterprise-scale organizations to SMBs and start-ups.  Our critical "third-eye" and executive-level expertise help ensure your organization is operating at peak performance.

All of which yields increased value for all your stakeholders.  And a positive impact on your top line revenue.

Call us to see how we can help.


Why Hire Us?


Because we positively impact your top line revenue growth. 


Why Is What We Do Important?


Because customer lifecycle dysfunction negatively impacts

every aspect of your business.


  • By helping you marshal your organizational resources so you can better execute your customer lifecycle process.


  • By building sustainable, measurable stakeholder value over time.


  • By working together with you to build an operational model designed to overcome challenges in strategic alignment and performance.

  • Uncertain process ownership and inertia within your CLM process negatively impacts your top line revenue.


  • We help you change that with quick response strategies that weather the changing complexities of the market. 


  • You get faster execution, optimized processes and better overall decision making.

Integrity.  Experience. Perspective.


That's what we bring to each and every client.


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