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Catching that "Aha" Moment

Catching a ride on the “Aha” moment.

More importantly, these types of exercises help connect internal teams to company strategy and provide valuable insight into how their daily efforts impact it.

Many of the best conversations I’ve had have been when a person, group or the entire company became connected to the high level strategy and operating model. It’s this “Aha” moment that transforms conversations from guessing to knowing and helps propel your team toward the goals that matter.

Your business plan is a critical component of your corporate direction. You can look at it as a living, breathing structure that provides guidelines to growth, while leaving room for directional changes as needed. Business plans differ in length and detail, but they all provide directional representation of the key elements of your business. The best business plans flesh out strategy and goals with the key aspects of how you and your team plan to accomplish these goals.

Investing the time to construct your plan and to test the ideas you’ve outlined is critical. Communicating the essential elements of this plan to all of the relevant stakeholders to your business is what can lead to that “Aha” moment.

Do you have any "Aha" stories, I'd love to hear them?

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