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Our Expertise

DoublEagle Management Group is a high-technology consulting group located in Silicon Valley.  We focus on helping corporations manage the dynamic change events that occur within their organizations. We bring third-party insight and executive-level expertise to help you create durable corporate processes in support of your strategic forward movement. Our goal is to help support the management of your customer life cycle, cultivating value for all your stakeholders.  And positively impacting your top line revenue.  
Call us to see how we can help you.

Are you able to quickly respond to the ever-changing technology and business landscape?


Do the people responsible for executing your business initiatives understand and support them?


Can you leap tall buildings with a single bound? 


Ok, we might not be able to help you leap buildings.  But we can give you a running start when it comes to building effective sales and marketing processes.


We start with a deep-dive to establish a baseline -- where you are now helps us determine the roadmap for the future.


Once we have a clear picture of your organizational architecture, we can better establish the critical touch points for cross-functional groups as they relate to the management of your customer lifecycle.








Are you ready to optimize your top line revenue?  


We help you realize measurable and sustainable revenue growth by building scalable customer lifecycle processes. Processes that can weather the myriad change events that occur within your business environment.


Our expertise includes:

  • Business Model Development 

  • Customer Segmentation 

  • Go-to-Market Strategies

  • Marketing Systems & Content  

  • Organizational Design 

  • Sales Systems

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Channel Development

  • Customer Training/Support Processes

  • SaaS Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Marcom Strategy & Plans

  • Event Planning/Organization

  • Public Relations Programs









Collectively we now have a much clearer picture of who you are and where you want to go. So it's time to get going.


We'll bring our decades of experience to bear as we work together to execute on your agreed upon goals.


We'll help you fill in the operational gaps in your processes and work as a team to meet your agreed upon change initiatives.


And we'll help you understand and navigate the complexities of your business environment that complicate the decision-making process as it relates to workflow and integrated solutions.


In the end, your new customer lifecycle model and execution strategies will positively impact your key stakeholders and your top line revenue. 







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